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HIPAA & Cybersecurity

“Our department needed high-quality, cutting-edge, and affordable HIPAA training. This program was exactly what we needed, from the in-person training to the draft policies we received to the Cybersecurity training!” – Bethann Anderson, Chief, Lincoln Park EMS

Keavney & Streger, in cooperation with XPAN Law Partners, provides a comprehensive HIPAA and Cybersecurity Program. This Program includes:

  • An assessment of your needs through consultation with the organization
  • Review of your current HIPAA, cybersecurity, and patient confidentiality policies and practices
  • Training for your staff and organizational leadership on required HIPAA practices, cybersecurity practices, and the duties of the HIPAA Privacy Officer (typically three hours of onsite training)
  • High-level cybersecurity and privacy review of the organization’s systems and technology, including a facility walk-through
  • Final cybersecurity report with customized analysis and recommendations
  • Recommended policies and forms for both HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity practices.
  • Optional follow-up, including audits and disclosure legal support, billed on an hourly or monthly basis

Watch below for some examples of our HIPAA/Cybersecurity Training:

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